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Seminars & Workshops


Finnovation, the Finance Club of Xavier Business School organized an event titled “Artha Vishleshan”, to encourage students to share their understanding and knowledge on the Union Budget 2021 on 4th February 2021.

The key resource person of the event was Dr. Anup Kumar Sinha, Non- Executive Chairman of Bandhan Bank and Ex-IIM Calcutta Professor of Economics who shared his valuable insights on the same. The students during the discussion, have shared their views on areas like Infrastructure, Direct Tax, Healthcare, Fiscal Deficit, Subsidy, FMCG Industry, Capital Market, Research and Development and Innovation, non–tax Revenues and Indian Railways which are an integral part of the Budget 2021. Dr. Sinha then explained how Covid 19 had been a game changer for the global economy and how Budget 2021 was a very difficult call.

People Elements, the HR Club of Xavier Business School organized a webinar to understand "The Application and Trends in Labour Law” on 19th February 2021.

The key resource speaker of the event was Dr. Kallol Dutta, Joint Labour Commissioner. During his session, Sir has mentioned about the significance of Labour Laws. He also highlighted upon the labour rights in the Indian Constitution and the four codes of Labour Law. He said, “Labour Law exists so that employees are treated appropriately in work environments and their rights as an employee are protected”.

Xavier Business School conducted an interactive motivational session with Mr. Avik Chaudhuri, a fellow Xaverian and former cricketer of Bengal on 15th October 2020.

As a Xaverian, Mr. Chaudhuri shared the experience of his college days with our students. He mentioned how he used to manage both studies and cricket at the same time. He then also mentioned about the accident he had met and how he had to quit his cricketing career. He inspired the students by sharing his journey of recovery from that accident. The students really enjoyed the hour long session with a great personality like him.

Xavier Business School conducted a Webinar on the 27th of August 2020 with Mr. Subrata Chaterjee (Head HR – Global Designing & Engineering Company, Arcelor Mittal) as the speaker for the session.

He enlightened the students with how they should accept change, focus on our current roles and be adaptive as well, in order to be successful. He also provided the students with some tips and guidance to cope up with the dynamic environment. Major take away from the seminar was to “Let us accept change as it is, because that’s the only constant in our lives”

Mr. Kala Chand Seal, Professor of Applied Information Management Systems, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, USA had visited Xavier Business School of St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata on 9th January 2019 to address the MBA students.

His area of focus was Business Analytics. He discussed about various types of analytics and implications on Finance, Marketing and HR. Business He initiated by bringing in a vivid introduction of Business Analytics as a concept. He specified that Business Analytics is essentially about improving the existing data, securing them and making them available for future predictions. He cited that “Visual Analytics is the trend of the future”. There are great opportunities in this domain as very less number of experts are there in the market dealing with the same this day. Data and Models can help in creating bounded uncertainty. He also focussed that the age that we are living in is the data age. Challenges that we have to face as analysts are availability of too much of data. There are data quality challenges in the modern day viz.: dominant logic, bounded rationality, fear of mathematical complexity and analysis paralysis. He advised the young management students to be data savvy and beware of the technology as it is constantly updating in order to gain competitive edge. Despite large scale automation which is setting the future trend, he highlighted that human learning comes before machine learning. Thus the human factor is never redundant in this present era of data orientation as well.

People Elements, the HR Club of Xavier Business School organized an online session to understand "The Art of staying relevant at all times” on 4th February 2021.

The key resource speaker of the event was Dr. Anil Kumar Misra, CHRO - Magic Bricks. During the session, Sir has explained how employees can become good in the sense of alignment of thoughts, learnability, consistence level of high performance and in terms of aptitude. They are the true assets. “To skill oneself, one must be consistent” he said.

A webinar on the Impact of Lockdown on Economy and Industry was organized by Xavier Business School, St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata on 23rd September 2020.

The event was moderated by Dr. Soma Sur, Sr. Professor of Marketing. The Resource Persons for the event included Rev. Fr. J. Felix Raj, Vice Chancellor, St. Xavier’s University Kolkata, Mr. Partha Ray, Professor, IIM Calcutta and Mr. Roopen Roy, Founder and CEO, Sumantrana Management.

Rev. Fr. J. Felix Raj described COVID 19 as a Socio-economic tragedy highlighting how all economies in the world have contracted, GDPs have collapsed and the emergence of a reduced global demand for any consumption. Mr. Roopen Roy discussed how different countries of the world are tackling the current scenario. He emphasized on the need for organizations to invest in infrastructure to increase the productivity of employees. Mr. Partha Ray gave us insights pertaining to the effects of COVID 19 on the Global and Indian Economy bringing to the forefront how the stock markets were adversely affected as a consequence of the lockdown.

Dr. Sankanrsan Basu, Professor of Finance and Accounting Area, IIM-B met with MBA students of Xavier Business School for a seminar session on April 10, 2019.

He enlightened the students about the opportunities available if he/she decides to pursue finance as the specialization. He very well described the sectors and the markets that one can get their dream jobs in. He believed in identifying the strength within in order to comprehend which arena of finance would perfectly suit his/her capabilities. Exploring the arenas and gathering knowledge about such areas is the very first step towards understanding one's strength. He supported the idea of increasing the financial literacy in the country and identifying the pros and cons of the global markets. One has to increase the porosity of the mind-set to help administer the teams better. Towards the end, he asked the students to be determined and focused with the decision he/she undertakes and work hard towards achieving their ambition.

Xavier Business School on 24th August, 2018 conducted a Seminar with Professor Debasish Chakraborty – Director, Central Michigan University, USA on “Impact of Big Data on Strategic Decisions”.

During the session, Mr. Chakraborty spoke about what Big Data is, how Big Data and Data Mining coincide with each other and how it will be helpful in the long run. He also enlightened the students about the advantages and disadvantages of Big Data and the affects of it on Business and Strategic Decisions.


An online workshop on Solving Case Study was conducted for the students by Mr. Arup Chaudhuri, Founder Chairman and CEO of Acasia Global Consulting LLP on September 2, 2020.

The session was focused on how to solve a case study in an efficient manner and which can inspire young minds for their upcoming future.

A two-day Soft Skill Development Workshop for the MBA 2018-20 Batch Students was organized on October 26 & 27, 2018 where Mr. Vikash Goel , Managing Director, Omnifin Solutions was the resource person.

On Day 1, Mr. Goel talked about different skills and strategies that a fresher must apply while both drafting a Curriculum Vitae as well as facing the interview board. In speaking about the same he mentioned the quintessential features that a fresher must keep in mind before taking the first dive into the job hunting phase.

On Day 2, Mr. Goel took the students on a virtual tour of what professional Curriculum Vitae should look like and shared some valuable inputs about communication skills that one needs to stand out in the professional domain. Lastly, he ended the workshop by leaving the students with some real life scenarios and how as a professional one should deal with it in the given situations.

An Online Workshop on ‘Knowing Effective PowerPoint Presentation Skills, was conducted by Mr. Vikash Goel, Managing Director - Omnifin Solutions for the students of Xavier Business School on August 30, 2020.

Mr. Goel, from his experiences, shared the tips and tricks that are to be followed to be a ‘good presenter’ and how we can make it appealing and eye-engaging for the audience. He also emphasized on the phrase - ‘Practicing is the key’ and we can only master ourselves through deliberate practice.