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(For Students of 2021-23 Batch and onwards)
50% Tuition Feewaiver only to be paid from 2nd Semester onwards for MBA Students.
  • For those students, whose gross Family Income is less than Rs.50,000 per month or Rs.6,00,000 per year through salaries and investments. They should have maintained the minimum 90% attendance in all preceding semesters of the current degree program and attained 70 % marks in all preceding semesters of the current degree program – MBA. They should not have any arrear/backlog in any papers in any preceding semesters of the current degree program.The candidate is expected to take part in at least one social work initiative of the University in the preceding semester and he/she must not have any record of disciplinary action against him/her in any of the preceding semester by the disciplinary committee of the university.
  • In case of outstanding sports performance, besides the income criteria, the candidate must have a podium finish in any individual/team event of national or international level (representing state or country).
  • The candidate must not be a recipient of any other Government or private scholarship at the time of the application of this scholarship.
  • Attaining the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee the award of the scholarship. The final decision lies solely with the Vice-Chancellor, based on the recommendation of the scholarship committee.Continuation of the award beyond the concerned semester would depend on the candidate’s good academic performance in the continuing semesters within the course.
  • Students applying for the scholarship need to submit the necessary documents (e.g., Photocopy of Bank Statements and Salary/ Pension Certificate of Parents for last 6 months, IT Certificate for previous three years for self-employed individuals, Trade License in case of a registered business) in support of their need during Semester One.

Other Scholarships

Besides the above-mentioned scholarship schemes, the students of the university may also avail the following govt. scholarships by applying on the given websites:

Sl. No. Name of Scheme Website Offered by Department Notification Time
1 Post-Matric Scholarship for SC, ST & OBC Oasis Portal: Backward Classes Welfare Department and Tribal Development Department, Govt. of WB July - August
2 Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme Govt. of WB July - August
3 Post-Matric Scholarship for meritorious Minority Students from Class-XI to Ph.D.; and Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarships for Minority Students pursuing technical & professional courses Aikyashree Portal: West Bengal Minorities' Development & Finance Corporation, Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department, Govt. of WB July - August
4 Education Loan at cheaper rate of interest for SC, ST and OBC students West Bengal SC, ST and OBC Development and Finance Corporation, Govt. of WB September - October
5 Scholarships and Fellowships offered by different departments of Govt. of India, Union Territories and few States National Scholarship Portal: Govt. of India, Union Territories and few State Governments Throughout the Year

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