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The Jesuit Legacy

Xavier Business School (XBS) is a Jesuit Institution and its vision and focus are determined by Jesuit values, as spelt out below:

  • Everyone is a leader and manager, engaged always in the task of leadership and management.
  • Leadership and managerial skills spring from within oneself, revealing who one is, culminating in a series of plans, decisions and actions.
  • Leadership or management is a way of life-- the result of personal assimilation of values and convictions – as opposed to merely a series of isolated external activities.
  • Leadership or management is never a completed product but an ongoing process, where one grows throughout life.

Further, XBS believes in some core values:

  • Magis (More): The desire to do more without being satisfied with what has been achieved -- a certain restlessness and an ambition -- to achieve, to maintain high standards of performance, to conquer new frontiers, etc.
  • Excellence: The desire to excel in every area of life and to promote the fullest possible development of every dimension of the person.
  • Men and Women for Others: XBS aims at forming men and women for others, enabling and encouraging them to become deeply committed to social justice and manifesting it in action.

Every student of XBS will receive this focus so that he/she becomes a fully formed individual with commendable capabilities in leadership and management, along with a deep commitment for the welfare of the nation and its citizen.