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Introductory Note

  • St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata (SXUK), has its own Hostel for its students. Since the MBA Degree Programme of the University is a Residential Programme, all the MBA students are required to stay in the Hostel. In addition, the Hostel is open to the students of other courses.
  • The admission to the Hostel for the MBA students is for two years.
  • While welcoming the students to St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, the University expects from everyone a pleasant, responsible and dignified behaviour, which is the hallmark of an educated person.
  • The Hostel studentsare expected to maintain a quiet, restrained and undisturbed environment, so that everyone in the Hostel can experience a balance of mind and heart, which is absolutely essential for intellectual pursuits and meaningful human relationships.
  • For the smooth running of the Hostel, there is a common Time Table, and all are expected to follow this Time Table strictly and faithfully.
  • Decent and modest attire is a must during class hours, at functions, in the lecture halls, during common gatherings, while moving out of the hostel building, etc.
  • The Director or his deputy and assistants are authorized to check the rooms at any time, without prior notice.
  • The Director is responsible for the admission of the students to the Hostel and to take care of their various needs and to ensure that proper discipline is maintained by everyone.

The Residence and Its Facilities

  • The Hostel provides three types of rooms: a) Two-Bed Rooms, with common toilets; b) Three-Bed Rooms with attached toilet; c) Two-Bed Rooms with attached toilet. Since the rooms with attached toilet are limited in number, these may not be available to all those who apply. In such a situation the students will have to take two-bed rooms with common toilet and pay accordingly. In case of any extra payment, the amount will be adjusted in the subsequent payment.
  • All the rooms have the basic facilities as detailed below:
    • For each student: a bed (35 inches x 78 inches) with frames for mosquito net, a table, a chair, a steel almirah with dress hanging facility inside.
    • Common Items in each room: dressing mirror, wash basin with running water, small mirror above the wash basin, linen drying facility in the balcony, clothe hanger, curtain for the balcony (girls room only) curtain for all the windows, a lock for the room, with three keys – one for each student and one with the Hostel Office
    • Common Items Available: common television, newspapers, gym, indoor games items, basketball court, football ground, etc.

Things to be brought by the Students:

The following things are to be brought by each student for his/her personal use, which will NOT be provided in the Hostel:
  • Mattress and Pillow;
  • Mosquito net;
  • At least two sets of bed sheets;
  • At least two bed covers;
  • At least two pillow cases;
  • At least one bucket anda mug;
  • One or more winter blankets and warm clothing for winter;
  • Personal clothes, towels, toilet articles, etc.;
  • A drinking water bottle or flask;
  • A suitcase/trunk with a good lock to keep valuables securely locked.

Other Facilities:

  • A qualified nurse is available in the University campus throughout. The hostel students can approach her anytime for their health requirements.
  • If need be the students can also go to the nearby hospital for medical consultations or treatment.
  • Any medical consultation with the University Nursing Staff is free for all the students, while they will have to pay for any medicine, injection, etc.
  • Women students can purchase sanitary items in the University or in the Girls’ Hostel.
  • There is a proper security system in the premises of the Hostel throughout day and night.
  • The Hostel has CCTV coverage in common places and in the surrounding areas to ensure safety.
  • As a policy, no student-room in the Hostel will have Air Conditioning facilities.
  • The students can bring their own laptops and data cards for their personal internet connectivity. The students can use their laptops in their rooms and the Wi-Fi facilities provided in the Hostel.
  • Common desktop computers are available in the library and other places in the academic block.
  • Printing facilities, photocopying facilities and canteen facilities (for tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, etc.) are available inside the campus – All these are chargeable.

Hostel Fees:

  • The Hostel Fees are to be paid in advance for each Semester.
  • The fees are meant for the entire Semester. Therefore, holidays, the days of home visits, the day on which someone is absent for one or more meals, etc., will NOT be counted, as far as payment of the hostel fee is concerned. Moreover, if anyone is absent from the Hostel for whatever reason, it is at his/her own discretion and there will be no reimbursement for any such absence.
  • The Hostel students are entitled to their accommodation and three meals on all days throughout the year, including holidays, except during Summer holidays (from the end of the Semester Exams in May till the beginning of the new Academic Year in July), Puja holidays and Christmas holidays.

Meals and Related Matters:

  • The Mess of the Hostel has been outsourced and it will provide three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the stipulated time and place.
  • The students should go for their regular meals within the specified time-period: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.
  • The Mess will provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, as per the choice of the students.
  • Since the mess is outsourced, no special dietary food will be provided in the mess on a regular basis.
  • Since the Dining Hall is a place for meals, and not a place for boisterous meeting or recreation, the students are expected to behave in a dignified manner while having their meals.
  • The students are expected to be dressed decently in the dining hall.
  • The students are not permitted to take food from the Hostel Mess to their rooms or to the room of other students without the explicit permission of the Director.
  • The Hostel students are free to go to the University Canteen (on payment basis), for their refreshments or to entertain their guests and visitors.

Conducive Atmosphere in the Hostel:

  • Silence must be strictly observed from 11.00 pm onwards till 8.00 a.m. the following morning.
  • Movement from one room to another after 11.00pm is strictly prohibited, as that is the time for personal study or sleep.
  • All study matters must be discussed any time before 11.00 pm.
  • Musical instruments, such as guitars, or any other electronic gadgets are not to be played in the living rooms. A written permission from the Director is needed to have these in one’s possession.
  • Visitors are allowed up to 6.00 pm in the Parlour. They should not be taken to one’s room.
  • The students are not permitted to accommodate any guest in the Hostel.
  • The terrace of the Hostel or the Utility Building is out of bounds for the students.
  • Only dry food items are allowed inside the living rooms.
  • Decorum in dress and hairstyle must always be maintained and any instruction given by the Hostel Team should be respected.
  • The students are expected to check the Notice Board regularly and no excuse will be entertained if notices on the Board are ignored.
  • The Students are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of their room.
  • Washed clothes should be dried only in the balcony.
  • The consumption of liquor of any kind, smoking, chewing pan, gutka or tobacco or gambling of any kind is strictly prohibited within the University campus. Anyone found guilty in any of these will be answerable to the authorities and appropriate action will be taken against the defaulter.
  • Private gatherings of any form are forbidden in the Hostel unless specifically permitted by the Director.
  • Students can watch television during free time, excluding the time between 11.00pm and 9.00am, provided the volume is sufficiently subdued and does not disturb others.
  • No one is permitted to play or listen to music in his/her room or outside between 9.30 hours and 09.00 am on all days. At other times, while the students may play or listen to music, they should ensure that the neighbours/room-matesare not disturbed.
  • All the students are expected to be inside the hostel building at the stipulated time, and sign in their presence.

Academic Matters:

  • In case a student is unable to attend classes due to sickness, he/she is expected to inform any of the Hostel Team members about it, either directly or through one of the students. The Hostel Team will in turn inform the respective Deans about the absence of a student due to sickness.
  • If a student is absent for classes, for whatever reason, he/she is required to submit a written leave application, which will have to be counter-signed by the Director.
  • Absence from classes without a genuine reason or abstaining from even a single test (Mid-Semester or End-Semester) without proper reason and prior written permission from the Director will be considered as a serious failure, inviting disciplinary action. 53. A student who fails or accumulates arrears in four or more subjects in an academic year will not be permitted to continue in the Hostel in the subsequent academic year.


  • The University expects a mature behaviour and relationship from all its students. While good friendship is encouraged, and healthy friendship is permitted, immature and unbecoming behaviour will not be tolerated, especially while mingling with the complementary sex.
  • No male-student is permitted to enter the Girls’ Hostel and no female-student is permitted to enter the Boys’ Hostel at any time.
  • No ragging of any kind is permitted at any time anywhere. Serious disciplinary action will be taken if anyone indulges even in any semblance of ragging.

Going Out of the Campus:

  • The students are permitted to go out of the University Campus during the day time. However, those who go outside the Campus should report back to the Hostel latest by 20.00 Hours.
  • Repeated delayed or late return to the Hostel without prior permission from the Director will be reported to the parents/guardians and the defaulters are also liable for other disciplinary action.
  • Those students who wish to stay out of the Hostel for one night or more must seek permission from the Director through a written application at least one day in advance. The application submitted to the Director must contain a statement of prior sanction from one’s parents/guardians.
  • Those who want to go home or outside for over-night stay may leave the campus after 4.00 p.m. on the previous day and return to the campus before 9.00 a.m. on the day after the permitted outing.
  • The students are free to go home on Sundays (and on Saturdays whenever these are holidays) and other declared holidays, as listed in the University Calendar.
  • Whengoing out of the University Campus, it is mandatory to sign the register at the Main Gate (Gate no.2) of the University, with all the required details -- name, time of departure, contact address, phone (mobile) number and the expectedtime of return. While returning, it is necessary to sign the register to indicate that one is back in the Campus.
  • No student can go out of the University Campus after 7.30 p.m. unless permitted specifically by the Director for valid reasons.
  • No student can go out of the University Campus after 7.30 p.m. unless permitted specifically by the Director for valid reasons.

Visitors/Guests to the Hostel:

  • The visiting time for outsiders is between 16.00 hours and18.00 hours on class days and between 09:00 hoursand18:00 hours on holidays.
  • All visitors are to be received and entertained only in the designated places.
  • No food or refreshment will be served to any visitor by the University, while the student is free to take them to the canteen at his/her cost.
  • There is no provision for the over-night stay of any visitor within the University Campus.

Miscellaneous Matters:

  • Cleanliness must be maintained in all places – inside and outside the Hostel buildings. The rooms should not be defiled by scribbling, pasting posters or nailing them on the walls.
  • The University provides the lock for the Hostel rooms and every student is provided with a key for his/her room and the duplicate key is kept in the Hostel Office. The students are not permitted to change this lock without the explicit permission of the Director.
  • In case of emergency or urgent need, the students may use the vehicle of the University, if the vehicle and the driver are available,and for which the student will be charged at the rate of Rs. 15 per km.
  • All payment of fees or other financial transactions are to be carried out in the Finance Office of the University, at the stipulated time, or in the in-Campus Bank, or online.
  • The students are strongly advised to keep their valuables, such as, cash, mobile phone, jewelleries, etc. safe and at their own risk and the University will not be responsible for any loss or theft.
  • Any student is welcome to approach the Hostel Team members for any requirement related to the maintenance of the Hostel.
  • For any exception to the Rules and Guidelines of the Hostel, a student needsthe specific permission of the Director.
  • If a student leaves the Hostel or is dismissed for whatever reason, 30 days or more after the commencement of the Semester, he/she will lose the entire amount of the Hostel fee of that Semester. In addition, in case of dismissal from the Hostel, for any reason, the dismissed student will forfeit the Caution Deposit as well.
  • A student shall be guilty of indiscipline if he/she fails to comply with any of the above rules. For any breach of discipline, a student may be:
    • Fined and/or Suspended from the Hostel;
    • Expelled from the Hostel, which may also imply, at times, expulsion from the University.
  • All matters of discipline will be decided by the Vice Chancellor / Director/ Hostel Committee of the University, according to the gravity of the case under consideration.
  • At any time, any of these Rules and Guidelines may be modified or cancelled or new ones may be added at the sole discretion of the University authorities.