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The Entrepreneurship Meet 2019 organized by Xavier Business School was a gathering of eight esteemed xaverian entrepreneurs of Kolkata. The dignified panel comprised of business personalities from various industrial backgrounds, albeit having a common link which was nothing but an ideology of believing in our dreams and working hard for it.

The eminent personalities who graced the occasion were Mr.Saurabh Kedia, Mr.Pawan Dalmia, Mr.Bajrang Agarwal, Mr. Rishi Bagree, Ms.Sarmishtha Das, Mr.MayankAgrawal, Mr. Amit Bajoria and Mr. Anant Shroff.

Getting to interact with them was truly a life-changing experience for the students. Few key takeaways from the session included the importance of social media in modern-day business, the significance of self-employment, and the immense possibilities of angel investments.


Xavier Business School hosted a spirited and pulsating panel discussion with the nomenclature, “St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata: Dream to Reality” on 14th February, 2020. The idea was to showcase the strategy, disposition and design behind the conception and inception of SXUK by “THE SOCIAL EDUPRENEUR”, Rev. Fr. Dr. John Felix Raj, S.J., Vice Chancellor, SXUK.

Along with Father Vice Chancellor, the other esteemed panelists for the discussion were Prof. Ashis Mitra (Registrar-SXUK), Mr. Snehasis Sur (Notable Media Personal and Core Member of SXCCAA) and Mr. Firdausal Hasan (Notable Film Producer and Core Member of SXCCAA), all whose valuable and cherished contribution and momentous role have made possible the dream of setting up SXUK a reality for us all.

Moderated by student representative, Ms. Yashvi Kumar of MBA batch of 2018-2020, the discussion covered everything about the inception of SXUK, beginning from the strategic intent of having SXUK as a Jesuit university in Kolkata and went on to referring about the challenges faced in apprehending, conceiving, planning and operationalizing SXUK in reality. Fr. Vice Chancellor referred to a strong and resilient team with him all through the project as he mentioned how the simplest to the most complex challenges were being tackled and embarked upon as the days and months and years went by towards setting up of the university. The panelists shared the whole-hearted, passionate and unstinting involvement of the St. Xavier’s College Calcutta Alumni Association (SXCCAA) behind this exertion


Xavier Business School conducted an Entrepreneurial Talk: ‘The Journey from an Employee to the Employer’ on 12th September, 2020 where the speaker, Mr. Subhashis Dutt, Director of Mahendra Dutt & Sons shared his journey of becoming an entrepreneur and inspired young minds.

Mr. Dutt emphasised on the importance of marketing and the key elements to become an efficient and renowned entrepreneur. He talked about his failure before joining as a director at Mahendra Dutt & Sons; and mentioned about never to give up. He also made us understand that Innovation is the key and one should believe in the product and he believes in “success is the result of hundreds of failures”. It’s no more a world of profit but a world of sustainability and growth says Mr. Dutt

To celebrate World Entrepreneur’s Day, which was on 21st August, Xavier Business School hosted an online Young Entrepreneur’s Meet on the 26th of August 2020 where two young and successful entrepreneurs from the city of joy shared their entrepreneurial journey & dreams for the years ahead.

The speakers for the session were Mr. Sayan Chakraborty, founder of ‘WTF’ (Where’s The Food) and Mr. Ranodeep Saha, founder of Rare Planet Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd.

Xavier Business School an Entrepreneurial Talk Session with Mr. Arup Mullick, a fellow Xaverian, a 2nd Generation Entrepreneur as well as an eminent corporate practitioner on 7th September.

Mr. Mullick is presently the Chief Development Officer of Clubb International Pvt. Ltd. He shared and elaborated the concept of Intrepreneurship – an alternative to Entrepreneurship which is becoming more common and demanding these days. Sir has also shared his valuable experiences of managing business alongside his father and how difficult it was to keep the boat sailing during the pandemic times especially at the onset of sudden imposition of lockdown.

Xavier Business School conducted a webinar with Mr. Sagar Daryani, CEO and Co Founder of Wow! Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd. to share his entrepreneurial journey with the young minds of XBS on 26th August, 2020.

Mr. Daryani shared, how two young friends from Kolkata transformed a simple dumpling to a national phenomenon and cooked up an amazing success story within a span of 12 years. Established by Binod Homagai and Sagar Daryani, alumni of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, Wow! Momo, an 800-crore company was built out of sheer passion and love. Wow! Momo started with a capital of just Rs. 30,000 way back in 2008. The brand has emerged and has now over 400 outlets across 17 cities.

He also shared that the brand aspires to be the McDonalds of India and aims to become one of the World's fastest growing QSR Chains, creating employment, and adding value to the economy and the society as a whole. With the focus on increasing and enhancing its customer base and service respectively, 1000 Wow! Momo stores across pan India in the near future is a definite possibility.