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Campus Life

XBS offers a beautiful atmosphere which is a perfect blend of academic affairs and networking among friends and acquaintances. The campus has an extravagant football field and a grand basketball court which is graced by several tournaments throughout the year inviting participation from students from other colleges as well. The badminton court makes campus life more appealing as it creates a small window for the students to have much-required leisure time. Apart from outdoor activities, certain indoor activities like carrom and table tennis are also available for students to enjoy their time after class hours. There is also a gymnasium with all modern equipment to keep the students fit and healthy. The campus witnesses numerous cultural, sports and management events throughout the year with active participation from students. The campus also offers a reading room for the students to have a peaceful study time anytime they want along with a resourceful library having an extensive collection of books. The aesthetic campus offers an enjoyable experience to the students inspiring them to interact and socialize among themselves. This assists them in building strong communicative skills, both formal and informal. XBS is a home away from home which emphasises most on the happiness and satisfaction of the students.