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Academic Program

MBA offered by XBS is a Two-Year Degree Programme. Four areas of specializations are offered – Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and Systems and Operations. The entire course covers 20 obligatory management subjects (OMC). The Specialized Subjects (Electives) are according to one’s choice, and each student has to choose 8 such Specialized Subjects (SPL). Besides, there are four Additional Requirements (ARQ):

  • Project Work, which has to be carried out during summer holidays
  • Comprehensive Viva, at the end of second and fourth semesters
  • Dissertation
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Programmes

Every student is expected to be actively involved in Extra-Curricular Activities and Programmes organized by XBS and also by the University itself and he/she is assessed for his/her Participation and performance in these Extra-Curricular activities.